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 Volume 35 (2006)

Editorial (pp.ii)
Elizabeth Mackinlay & Jackie Huggins
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Enhancing Indigenous Participation in Higher Education Health Courses in Rural Victoria (pp.1-10)
Sandra Kippen, Bernadette Ward & Lyn Warren

Indigenous Participation in Information Technology Project: Achievements and Challenges of the First Three Years (pp.11-20)
Laurel Evelyn Dyson & Toni Robertson

Distance Education and the Issue of Equity Online: Exploring the Perspectives of Rural Aboriginal Students (pp.21-29)
Heather Gibb

A Motivational Psychology for the Education of Indigenous Australian Students (pp.30-43)
Andrew J. Martin

Special Schooling for Indigenous Students: A New Form of Racial Discrimination? (pp.44-53)
Loretta de Plevitz

A Measure of the Strength of the Relationship between the Indigenity and Desirability of Queensland State Schools (pp.54-60)
Matthew Thomas Michaelson

Re-Reading Representations of Indigenality in Australian Children’s Literature: A History (pp.61-67)
Brooke Collins-Gearing

Meanings of Reconciliation in the School Context (pp.68-77)
Nina Burridge

Transdisciplinary Research and Aboriginal Knowledge (pp.78-89)
Michael Christie
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Western Maps/Yanyuwa Meaning: An Interview with John Bradley (pp.90-101)
Frances Devlin-Glass with John Bradley

Book Reviews

Landscapes of Indigenous Performance: Music, Song and Dance of the Torres Strait and Arnhem Land edited by Fiona Magowan & Karl Neuenfeldt (pp.102-103)
Reviewed by Katelyn Barney

A Bend in the Yarra: A History of the Merri Creek Protectorate Station and Merri Creek Aboriginal School 1841–1851 by Ian D. Clark & Toby Heydon (pp.103-104)
Reviewed by Denis Byrne

Seeking Racial Justice: An Insider’s Memoir of the Movement for Aboriginal Advancement, 1938-1978 by Jack Horner (pp.104-106)
Reviewed by Maryrose Casey

Uncommon Ground: White Women in Aboriginal History edited by Anna Cole, Victoria Haskins & Fiona Paisley (pp.107-109)
Reviewed by Frances Devlin-Glass

Botany Bay: Where Histories Meet by Maria Nugent (pp.110-113)
Reviewed by Dennis Foley

Balanda: My Year in Arnhem Land by Mary Ellen Jordan (pp.113-114)
Reviewed by John Greatorex

Whitening Race: Essays in Social and Cultural Criticism edited by Aileen Moreton-Robinson (pp.114-116)
Reviewed by Neil Harrison

A Man of all Tribes: The Life of Alick Jackomos by Richard Broome & Corinne Manning (pp.116-117)
Reviewed by Philip Morrissey

Aboriginal Victorians: A History Since 1800 by Richard Broome (pp.117-119)
Reviewed by Lynette Russell

Indigenous Education and the Adventure of Insight: Learning and Teaching in Indigenous Classrooms by Neil Harrison (pp.119-122)
Reviewed by Jan Stewart

Sexual Health for Life Series by Ian McAllister & Phil Brake (pp.122-123)
Reviewed by Jodie Walton