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 AJIE Discussion List

AJIE is very proud to have been part of a developing dialogue about contemporary issues in Indigenous Australian education over the last three decades. The journal itself has grown enormously over this time from its early days as The Aboriginal Child at School to its present status as a refereed international journal. But some things have not changed, with AJIE still providing a place for conversations about the search for meaningful engagement by, with and for Indigenous learners at all levels in order to provide better and more socially, politically and culturally relevant educational outcomes for Indigenous Australian learners.

To extend these opportunities for conversations beyond the journal we are pleased to host an AJIE Discussion List. The aim of this email discussion list is to make a space for people engaged in Indigenous education issues, including Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, teachers, researchers, students, parents, to talk about key issues and share information.

The views expressed on the AJIE Discussion List are not necessarily those of the Editors, but rather are the views and ideas of readers and others engaged in Indigenous education issues.

We invite you to sign-up to the AJIE Discussion List by filling in the form below and join us to help create a positive educational future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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