For those new to UQ this year, Goorie Berrimpa welcomes you! Goorie Berrimpa is the Indigenous Student Association for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and our name translates into 'meeting place'. This year, Lynda Maybanks is your officer at the UQ Union and is your go to person for anything you need. 

We're hoping to have lots of events this year that will not only link you to other Indigenous students, but also help non-Indigenous staff and students gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the amazing Australian-Indigenous culture and history we represent. 

On top of this, we will hopefully be increasing our networking and professional engagement opportunities so we can better prepare you for the big world waiting for you out there! So please listen out for our meet and greet event in the next couple of weeks with the ATSIS Unit. Who knows, in a year or two, it could be you representing the University of Queensland Indigenous student population for Goorie Berrimpa!




We organise regular social events which have included:

  • A Lawn Bowls evening;
  • A night out at Wintergarden Strike Bowling;
  • A BBQ at New Farm Park;
  • A Thrift Shop party!


Our sporting endeavours include:

  • A dodgeball team (The Dodgefathers) and a netball team (Net Minnit) in the UQ Social Sport Competition.  We play weekly, and students are able to attend however many games they wish, at no charge;
  • Organising UQ's team in the National Indigenous Tertiary Education Student Games;
  • Inter-university sporting matches.




We also work to organise professional opportunities for Indigenous students such as:

  • A Q&A session with Joshua Creamer, one of a handful of practicing Indigenous barristers in Australia;
  • An annual NAIDOC Dinner.

Almost all of our events are free for Indigenous students to attend.  This is possible due to the generous financial support of the University of Queensland Union and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit, and we are grateful for their ongoing support.

We'd also love to add you to the Goorie Berrimpa Facebook group where you can receive updates on our events, and get to know the UQ Indigenous mob.

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