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 Volume 37 (2008)

Editorial (pp.iii-iv)
Jackie Huggins & Elizabeth Mackinlay
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Indigenous Higher Education: The Role of Universities in Releasing the Potential (pp.1-8)
Clair Andersen, Tracey Bunda & Maggie Walter

Bridging the Gap: Identifying Needs and Aspirations of Indigenous Students to Facilitate their Entry into University (pp.9-17)
Delwar Hossain, Don Gorman, John Williams-Mozely & Darlene Garvey

Retaining Indigenous Students in Tertiary Education: Lessons from the Griffith School of Environment (pp.18-27)
Catherine Howlett, Monica Seini, Chris Matthews, Bronwyn Dillon & Vivian Hauser

One to One and Face to Face: A Community Based Higher Education Support Strategy Retaining Indigenous Australian University Students (pp.28-39)
Peta Sharrock & Helen Lockyer

When a Dream becomes a Nightmare: Why do Indigenous Australian Medical Students Withdraw from their Courses? (pp.40-47)
Isabel Ellender, Marlene Drysdale, Janice Chesters, Susan Faulkner, Heather Kelly & Leanne Turnbull

Towards Pedagogies of Mathematics Achievement: An Analysis of Learning Advisers’ Approaches to the Tutoring of Mathematics in an Indigenous Tertiary Entry Program (pp.48-55)
Jonathan Makuwira

Academic Language, Power and the Impact of Western Knowledge Production on Indigenous Student Learning (pp.56-60)
Karen O’Brien

Pearson and Pedagogy: Countering Co-Dependency (pp.61-70)
John Fielder

Counsellor Education As Humanist Colonialism: Seeking Postcolonial Approaches To Educating Counsellors By Exploring Pathways To An Indigenous Aesthetic Kisiku Sa’qawei Paq’tism (pp.71-79)
Randolph Bowers

Indigenous? What Indigenous Knowledge? Beliefs and Attitudes of Rural Primary School Teachers towards Indigenous Knowledge in the Science Curriculum in Zimbabwe (pp.80-90)
Edward Shizha

Language Negotiations Indigenous Students Navigate when Learning Science (pp.91-97)
Philemon Chigeza

To Free the Spirit? Motivation and Engagement of Indigenous Students (pp.98-107)
Geoff Munns, Andrew Martin & Rhonda Craven

Cherbourg State School in Historical Context (pp.108-119)
Grace Sarra

Embedding Literacy in Indigenous Education through Assistant Teachers: Lessons from the National Accelerated Literacy Program (pp.120-129)
James Cooper

Oral Language, Representations and Mathematical Understanding: Indigenous Australian Students (pp.130-137)
Elizabeth Warren & Janelle Young

How Aboriginal Peer Interactions in Upper Primary School Sport Support Aboriginal Identity (pp.138-151)
Cheryl S. Kickett-Tucker

A Kickstart to Life: Australian Football League as a Medium for Promoting Lifeskills in Cape York Indigenous Communities (pp.152-164)
Maree DinanThompson, Juanita Sellwood & Felicity Carless

Enabling Voice: Perceptions of Schooling from Rural Aboriginal Youth at Risk of Entering the Juvenile Justice System (pp.165-177)
Christine Edwards-Groves with Colleen Murray

Book Reviews

A Cautious Silence: The Politics of Australian Anthropology by Geoffrey Gray (pp. 178-179)
Reviewed by Sally Babidge

The 1967 Referendum: Race, Power and the Australian Constitution edited by Bain Attwood & Andrew Markus (pp. 179-181)
Reviewed by Thom Blake

Reshaping the University: Responsibility, Indigenous Epistemes, and the Logic of the Gift by Rauna Kuokkanen (pp. 181-183.
Reviewed by Marguerite Le Caze

The Soundscapes of Australia: Music, Place and Spirituality edited by Fiona Richards (pp. 183-185)
Reviewed by Mark Evans & Philip Hayward

Terra Nullius: A Journal through No One’s Land by Sven Lindqvist (pp. 185-188)
Reviewed by Dennis Foley & Jillian Barnes